Garden Meditations

You know how to feed your body, but when did you last take time to nourish your soul?

Thomas Moore claims “The soul cannot thrive in the absence of a garden”, and since the gardening season is upon us, let’s take some time to reflect on the garden of our soul and how to tend it well. The best place to do this, of course, is in a garden.

You are invited to a  Real Soul Food Mini-Retreat!

What is it?

A time of fun and reflection, creativity and journaling, and food for the body and soul.

No man is sterile. Every soul is pregnant with the seed of insight. It is vague and hidden. In some people, the seed grows; in others, it decays. Some give birth to life. Others miscarry it. Some know how to bear it, to nurse, to rear an insight that comes into being. Others do not… Abraham Heschel

Through a variety of activities and reflections on gardening, you will discover what seeds God has planted in your heart and how you can nurture them into healthy plants.

When is it?

That’s up to you.

Where do I go?

To your favorite garden spot.

A garden is not made in a year; indeed it is never made in the sense of finality. It grows and with the labour of love should go on growing.  Frederick Eden

What do I bring?

Your Garden Meditations journaling workbook, a pen, and a comfortable chair.

Download your Garden Meditations workbook here:

In my garden there is a large place for sentiment. My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams. The thoughts grow as freely as the flowers, and the dreams as beautiful.’
Abram l. Urban.






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